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Jann Karp was born in Parkes NSW. Her doctorate from University of Sydney focused on police corruption. Jann has worked as a police officer, a university lecturer, carried out volunteer work in the field of drug and alcohol abuse. This book shearers is her third in a trilogy on Australian workers in the 21st Century.

The traditional art of shearing and the typical working lives of Australian shearers are the central themes of this thoroughly researched book. The author has travelled extensively in Eastern Australia, visiting shearing sheds, interviewing shearers and weaving their personal histories into an overall examination of this unique occupation. Sections on health and safety, training, family life and the history of the sometimes fraught Australian shearing industry are included. The ambience of the sheep properties and their “sheds” is made more vivid by the inclusion of evocative, heartfelt poems by both the author and by the shearers.